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Governing Committees

The association has a roster of committees that advise the staff and board of directors on management and governance issues. The list is current as of October, 2014.

Advocacy - Provides guidance for ASA’s angler advocacy effort KeepAmericaFishing™.
Contact: Liz Ogilvie, KeepAmericaFishing Director

Communications - Guides the internal and external communications, industry-wide promotions, and media relations for the association.
Contact: Mary Jane Williamson, Communications Director

Consumer Shows - Guides ASA’s interests in producting consumer shows.
Contact: Mike Nussman, President & CEO

Data and Statistics - Provides guidance for the association’s development of industry data.
Contact: Glenn Hughes, Vice President, and Rob Southwick, President, Southwick Associates

Finance - Provides oversight for the association’s finances and investment policies.
Contact: Diane Carpenter, Vice President, Operations and CFO

FishAmerica Conservation and Research - Guides the foundation’s conservation and research grant activities, as well as foundation policy.
Contact: Mike Nussman, President & CEO

Government Affairs - Guides the association’s legislative efforts and interaction with federal and state resource agencies.  Government Affairs has three subcommittees:  Saltwater, Freshwater and Trade and Commerce.
Contact: Mike Nussman, President & CEO

Membership - Guides the association’s member services and recruitment efforts.
Contact: Jill Calabria, Membership Director

Nominating - Nominates individuals to serve on the association’s Board of Directors.
Contact: Mike Nussman, President and CEO

Show - Provides oversight, evaluation, and direction for the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST), the industry’s trade show.
Contact: Kenneth Andres, Trade Show Director


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