Modern Fish Act Advocacy Toolkit

Modern Fish Act Advocacy Toolkit

One of the association’s main priorities is to see the Modern Fish Act become law. This bipartisan bill will make long-overdue changes to improve federal marine recreational fisheries management. We need our entire industry to stand behind it and promote it to the recreational fishing public. Our partner in this legislative effort, the Center for Sportfishing Policy, has developed a suite of digital tools that you can use on your websites and social media to bring awareness of this bill to your customers. It’s time for recreational fishermen and our industry to speak up – help us expand this call to action.

Action Center

Use this link to direct users to the Keep America Fishing Action Center to take action –

Sample Message

Good news.

On Wednesday, February 28, the Senate Commerce Committee overwhelmingly approved S.1520, the Modern Fish Act, a bill aimed at improving federal marine fisheries management.

With this key victory for anglers, both the House and Senate versions are ready to take the next step.

The Modern Fish Act is a comprehensive package specifically aimed at addressing the needs of the nation’s 11 million saltwater recreational anglers. It will improve access to America’s federal waters and promote conservation of our natural marine resources.

Send a message to your Members of Congress today and encourage them to bring this landmark legislation to the floor for final passage.


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Social Media

Hashtags for the Modern Fish Act campaign: #ModernFishAct #LetAmericaFish #KeepAmericaFishing #ModernFish

Sample Tweets for the Modern Fish Act Campaign:

Tell Congress: Pass #ModernFish for better recreational fishing management. Send letter now #KeepAmericaFishing

Urge Congress to pass #ModernFish today Don’t leave 11 million Americans stranded @ the dock #KeepAmericaFishing

Send this letter to Congress to pass #ModernFish for better recreational fishing management. #KeepAmericaFishing

Sample Facebook Posts for the Modern Fish Act Campaign:

If you support fair and reasonable access for America’s 11 million saltwater recreational anglers, your Members of Congress need to hear from you! It only takes a minute. Click here to tell Congress to #KeepAmericaFishing #ModernFishAct #ModernFish

Recreational fishermen fuel marine conservation efforts, help drive the U.S. economy, and deserve fair and equitable access to America’s public marine resources. Take a moment to send a letter to your representatives in Congress asking them to support America’s recreational fishing industry. #ModernFishAct #ModernFish #KeepAmericaFishing