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Sportsmen’s Act Stalled in the U.S. Senate

On November 26, in a surprise upset, the U.S. Senate failed to advance the Sportsmen’s Act of 2012 (S. 3525) due to a procedural motion. The bill ran into trouble when a point of order was raised about whether the bill violated a 2011 budget agreement and a motion to waive the point of order failed by 10 votes. Six senators were not present and the vote on the procedural motion to waive the point of order fell mostly along party lines. Senators Tester (D-Mont.) and Sessions (R-Ala.), and a coalition of supporting groups, worked hard to resolve the budget point of order only to have Senator Boxer (D-Calif.) demand inclusion of a sweeping federal study describing “all Federal authorities that can help to eliminate or reduce threats to public health and the environment from lead and other chemical substances or mixtures that are used in ammunition and fishing tackle [emphasis added].” Boxer’s language further requested “actions to enhance the use of the authorities.” The bill may yet again come to the Senate floor for a vote but this poison pill language makes it doubtful that the bill will pass. To see how your Senator voted on the point of order motion, please visit the voting results. The ASA staff has been working hard, speaking with Congressional members regarding the passage of S. 3525. For more information, contact Policy Fellow Libby Yranski, x244.

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