60 in 60: Build Buy-In

60 in 60: Build Buy-In

We won’t succeed if we don’t first believe.

60 in 60 is an achievable goal, especially when we all work together to make it happen. And that means everyone – from the president of your company on down the line. Every employee of our industry should understand the challenges ahead and why this initiative is important.

It’s about the growth of our businesses, the strength of our economy, and the happiness of our customers.

So get everyone together. Hold a staff meeting, download the Industry Presentation on 60 in 60, and take a walk through the current state of fishing in the U.S. and what it will mean when we reach our goal.

Download Presentation

How to use this presentation:

1. Download the presentation to your computer.
2. Print the slides using the Notes Pages option (under Print > Settings > Slides).
3. Play the presentation for your audience on Slide Show mode for wide screen viewing.
4. Then simply read through the Notes on each printed Slide page like a script. You’ll sound like an expert!