Policy Watch

ASA recently joined a letter with 140 other business association and businesses opposing HR 3144, a bill that would overturn court orders from the U.S. District Court in Portland (OR) that required additional salmon protection measures at federal dams and reservoirs on the Columbia and Snake rivers because they were found in violation of Endangered Species Act requirements for endangered fish species.

On April 25, 2018, the House passed this legislation in a 224-190 vote. ASA is committed to supporting Pacific salmon species and other import sportfish species’ recovery efforts in the Pacific Northwest and across the country. We operate in a strong coalition of Northwest sportfishing and conservation groups to make sure we are advocating for our members that depend on healthy fish populations in the region and beyond. We will stay vigilant should any attempts to further impede salmon and other sportfish species’ recovery come before Congress.

For more information, please contact Policy Fellow, Ashley Brinkman.