Advocacy and Policy

Advocacy and Policy

Advocating for the Sportfishing Industry and the Entire Sportfishing Community

Since 1933 the American Sportfishing Association has worked to ensure that its members’ business interests are well-represented when policy decisions that impact recreational fishing are made.

Advocating on behalf of our members is the association’s way of keeping watch on the existing and potential state and federal laws and policies that significantly affect our members’ businesses and sportfishing itself.

In addition to monitoring emerging polices our Government Affairs staff fosters strong relationships with Members of Congress, other conservation and recreation agencies and organizations and state and federal government leaders to ensure that sportfishing interests are represented when policy decisions are made.

If you have questions or would like more information on an issue, please contact Communications Director Mary Jane Williamson, (703) 519-9691, x227..

ASA works to

Safeguard funding for fisheries conservation programs, including the federal manufacturers excise tax on fishing tackle.

Ensure that fresh and saltwater fisheries are managed to prevent overfishing without undue restrictions on anglers or the industry.

Seek new and improved catch-and-release techniques to reduce fish mortality and improve the fishing experience.

Advocate against unnecessary no-fishing zones in all federal and state marine and fresh waters.

Work to stop the spread of invasive species that can impact this nation’s $115 billion sportfishing industry.

Promote the use of sound science in making policy decisions that impact recreational fishing.

Fight against unnecessary and costly restrictions on lead fishing tackle.