American Sportfishing Association Political Action Committee

The American Sportfishing Association’s Political Action Committee (SportfishingPAC) is a critical tool for giving the industry a successful voice on Capitol Hill and moving our legislative issues forward.  Please review the information below and send back your solicitation authorization form so we can continue our efforts to build an effective SportfishingPAC.

WHAT is the SportfishingPAC?

The SportfishingPAC is designed to raise funds from ASA member company executives and professional personnel to support Congressional elections and re-election campaigns of Members of Congress who support the interests of the recreational fishing community. The SportfishingPAC is bipartisan; it supports candidates based on their record of support for the sportfishing industry, not their political affiliation.

WHY is the SportfishingPAC important?

A strong bipartisan PAC gives ASA the ability to advance the industry’s interests on Capitol Hill through participation in key fundraisers for Members of Congress. By building critical relationships with more Senators and Representatives through campaign contributions, ASA is able to initiate and maintain influential supporters for recreational fishing and conservation issues.

The goal of the SportfishingPAC is to ensure that the sportfishing industry has an influential voice and presence in America’s electoral and legislative processes that advance the interests of the sportfishing industry and the health and conservation of the fisheries resources on which it depends.

WHY do we need our members’ support?

All members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate are up for election in November 2018, and those running for election are setting the course for numerous policy issues affecting the sportfishing industry. The 115th Congress is addressing issues such as, industry regualtions, fishing access, habitat restoration, resource management, sportsmen’s rights and other issues affecting our industry. It is more important than ever for the sportfishing industry to have a strong, unified voice in the halls of Congress.

For ASA Members

HOW can I help the SportfishingPAC?

If you are an ASA member, please go to the Member Login located in the upper right hand side of the ASA website’s homepage for more information about the SportfishingPAC. Participation in the SportfishingPAC is open only to ASA members and ASA staff.

ASA needs your signature on the SportfishingPAC authorization form to send you information. This signed form, required by the Federal Election Commission, permits ASA to conduct PAC fundraising activities with you and/ or among your company’s eligible executives, and professional personnel.

HOW will my employees benefit from participating in the ASA PAC?

Strength in numbers is mission critical to navigating the legislative process in Washington, D.C. By participating in the ASA PAC, your contributions will be pooled with those from other SportfishingPAC participants to provide a clear, unified voice for recreational fishing issues on Capitol Hill.

If you are an ASA member and do not have the member login, please send an email to

For more information about the PAC, contact ASA Vice President Mike Leonard.

For more information about ASA membership, visit the Membership pages on our website.