Policy Watch

ASA joined other recreational fishing and conservation groups in sending a letter to the Pacific Fishery Management Council on August 25, 2018 expressing our concern over the Council’s consideration of an Exempted Fishing Permit (EFP) application for deep-set longline gear within the EEZ off of California, Washington and Oregon.

Longline gear, of any fashion, is not currently permitted inside the US West Coast EEZ due to the high incidence of bycatch of non-targeted and endangered species. We do not believe that authorizing an EFP to test longline gear, in any capacity, is an appropriate course of action given the fact that other alternative gear, which is actively tended, has already been thoroughly tested with promising results.

ASA is hopeful that the Council will not let this harmful type of fishing gear be used on the West Coast or in any other U.S. fishery as its bycatch rate is extremely high and does not align with the recreational fishing community’s commitment to conservation.

For more information, please contact Conservation Director, Mike Leonard.