Policy Watch

ASA voiced our strong support for Assemblyman James Gallagher’s Assembly Bill 2465 that would implement an ambitious R3 strategy:

  • Recruit youth and new anglers to the sport;
  • Retain those who are now participating in the sport; and
  • Reactivate those who have fished in the past, but have lapsed as anglers.

California has an 840-mile coastline and many inland waterways and lakes from Lake Otay and San Vicente near San Diego to the Sacramento River to countless streams in the Sierra Nevada.

California leads the nation in many areas, including being the nation’s most populous state. However, when it comes to recreational fishing the state has many challenges. California ranks 5th in anglers and participation rates continue to decline.

AB 3465 would require the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to convene a sport fishing “R3 Group.” This R3 group would collaborate with the CDFW to identify barriers to sport fishing and the decline in license sales, address those barriers and submit recommendations to the legislature.

The legislation creates an intergovernmental and public/private sector partnership to address the decline of California’s sportfishing participation. ASA appreciates that the legislation specifically includes representation by the RBFF.

Read more of the letter here.

For more information, please contact Vice President of Government Affairs, Scott Gudes.