Kellie Ralston, ASA’s Florida Fishing Policy Director, gave a panel presentation at the 32nd Annual Everglades Coalition meeting in early January on how to involve anglers in the process to improve the Everglades restoration timelines.

She provided insight on the political process and how anglers and organizations can be more effective in delivering their message. Kellie also emphasized the continued need for a more rapid, but still comprehensive, restoration of this national treasure.

ASA is actively seeking federal funding at the national level to implement the newly authorized Central Everglades Planning Project and, at the same time, engaging in the planning phases of storage projects to the north and the west of Lake Okeechobee.

Legislative hearings have begun in Florida to determine how to best address storage to the south of the Lake. This issue is a top priority of the Florida Senate President and a bill is expected to be introduced during the upcoming Florida legislative session this spring.

For more information, contact Florida Fisheries Policy Director Kellie Ralston.