Policy Watch

On June 27, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced the 2018 Regional Fishery Management Council (RFMC) appointments. The recreational fishing community thanked the Administration for considering and appointing many of our preferred candidates. These include: Louis Zimm of California to the Pacific Fishery Management Council; Andy Mezirow of Alaska to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council; Adam Nowalsky of New Jersey and Anthony D. Dilernia of New York to the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council; Art Sapp of Florida and Spud Woodward of Georgia to the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council, and Jonathan Dugas of Louisiana and Dale Diaz of Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council.

These Regional Fishery Management Council appointments made by Secretary Ross are a step toward more equitable representation for the recreational fishing community on these important advisory bodies. The Secretary has made considerable progress in the past year beginning to establish balance of representation for recreational anglers throughout the Council system particularly in the Gulf Council.

There was continued progress in a number of regions, and we look forward to continuing efforts to find a true balance of representation for recreational anglers on the Gulf Council. The sportfishing industry appreciates Secretary Ross’ willingness to tackle the challenges we are facing with federal marine fisheries management, and the Councils play a huge role in that effort. While we still have a way to go, these appointments continue to show that we’re heading in the right direction.

To find out more, see our press release here.

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