FishSmart for the Future

FishSmart for the Future

FishSmart is a program driven by the sportfishing industry to benefit anglers and our fisheries resources. Whether you are an angler, a business or a conservation organization, FishSmart will help you improve how we enhance our fisheries now and for the future.

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What is FishSmart?

Working with fisheries management organizations at the state and federal level, FishSmart focuses on three main areas:

  • Communicating with anglers – The benefits of improving the survival of released fish and implementing best practices.
  • Research – Identifying needed research to help improve the survival of catch-and-release fish.
  • Partnerships – Building strong connections between the recreational fishing community, fisheries management organizations and agencies and conservation organizations to work towards sustainable recreational fishing opportunities.

A Growing Need for Conservation

Saltwater recreational anglers release more than 210 million fish each year. This is nearly 3 times more than they keep. Nationwide, more than 80 percent of anglers release some fish that they legally could have kept.

Making sure that we do everything possible to help released fish survive is not only an important part of conservation; it is the right thing to do!

FishSmart Tackle Recognition Program

ASA’s FishSmart Tackle Recognition Program is a way to recognize and promote innovative products that significantly improve the survival of released fish. The FishSmart Tackle Recognition Program will recognize manufacturers that developed FishSmart-based tackle and gear and provide them with FishSmart materials that they can use in their packaging and advertising.

The FishSmart recognition program information is available to ASA members through the ASA Member Resource Center. For more information about accessing the MRC, please email