FishAmerica Foundation

FishAmerica Foundation

Keeping Our Fish and Waters Healthy

FishAmerica FoundationThe FishAmerica Foundation is the American Sportfishing Association’s conservation and research foundation. The FishAmerica Foundation unites the sportfishing industry with conservation groups, government natural resource agencies, corporations and foundations to invest in sportfish and habitat conservation and research across the country.

For more than 30 years, the foundation has been working to keep our fish and waters healthy by helping local communities improve sportfishing success in their backyards.

The foundation’s first grant in 1983 helped to restore a family fishing pond in Oklahoma City. Today, we continue to work with local communities to enhance family fishing experiences. Since then, more than $12 million in grant funds have been provided for grassroots, community-based habitat and fisheries conservation projects.

Since most of the FishAmerica Foundation’s projects rely on volunteer support, and many projects utilize additional community support for funding and donated materials, the actual value of these projects is many times the dollar amount invested.

The FishAmerica Foundation provides a unique example for programs which seek to support sportfishing conservation enhancement projects.

To apply for grant funding, please use the following documents –