The Buzz is There About More People Fishing!

60 in 60During the 2017 Sportfishing Summit, there was a lot of buzz about a very important theme – increasing fishing participation under the 60 in 60 campaign, spearheaded by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation.

Increasing the number of men, woman and youth who participate in recreational fishing is a vital goal for all of us in the industry, which makes it a priority task for the association.

During the Summit’s committee meetings, ASA’s members were challenged to come up with inspired ideas for how we can collectively address this mission – and they delivered. All ASA committees are actively working to bring these, and several other, ideas to life.

Action items ranged from:

  • Developing a Communications Toolkit to help outdoor media tell the story of increasing participation
  • Directing the power of ASA’s Government Affairs team to help our state fish and wildlife agencies break down legislative barriers that keep people from easily purchasing a fishing license.
  • Recognizing businesses and organizations who are creatively incorporating recreational fishing in their marketing and communications efforts.
  • Engaging the retail sector in increasing participation.

To learn more about this initiative, please visit the 60 in 60 section on ASA’s website.

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