Policy Watch

Anglers along Florida’s Gulf coast have been heading offshore over the past couple weeks to enjoy the start of Florida’s 40-day red snapper season, serving as a reminder of how important recreational fishing is to the state’s economy and heritage.

During the season, Florida’s more than three million licensed anglers have the opportunity to play a critical role in improving recreational harvest data by registering for the Gulf Reef Fish Survey, which is required for those targeting reef fish species, and by voluntarily recording their red snapper catches and trips on the iAngler Gulf Red Snapper smartphone app.

Data collected through the iAngler Gulf Red Snapper app will help fisheries officials make more informed decisions as they manage this Florida fishery.

The app not only provides anglers with fishing regulations across the country, a 48-hour weather forecast, and a 4-day tide report right at their fingertips, it’s also a helpful tool for the state to manage fishing data, as well as providing a platform for anglers to revisit their past trips and discover patterns from good and not so good fishing days.

Download the iAngler Gulf Red Snapper app here and start logging your trips and catches today to help ensure Florida's anglers have clean waters, abundant fisheries and access to both.

For more information, please contact Conservation Director, Mike Leonard.