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Industry Insights

Recreational fishing is an economic, social and conservation powerhouse.

Excise Taxes
Prop 65
60 in 60
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ADA Compliance: Not all your website visitors access your site the same way.

As an industry, we frequently talk about “improving access.” Access to rivers, lakes and streams for fishing and boating has been an important issue for years.

ASA members who operate “brick and mortar” stores work hard to improve their customer’s access to their products and services. But there’s an access point that is often neglected – your digital presence.

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

Our nation’s model of fisheries conservation and management is the envy of countries around the globe—and it’s fueled by America’s sportsmen- and women and the recreational fishing industry. License fees and excise taxes are the cornerstone of fish and wildlife conservation. Without this system, our sporting heritage would be in peril.

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Fishing rods are ready for action on an offshore saltwater fishing trip

Paying the Federal Manufacturer’s Excise Tax

If you manufacture sportfishing equipment, including private label goods, it’s most likely that you are required to pay a special federal excise tax to the IRS. Understanding the guidelines of what products are taxed and how to calculate your payments is not easy. ASA has a guide, available only to members, to help you navigate through the rules and regulations and keep you in compliance.

Reaching Our Goal of 60 Million Anglers

Want to increase sales and production? You’ll need to expand your customer base. But when the number of anglers stays stagnant, it’s impossible to grow. Our industry is facing the challenge of flat participation rates. ASA has teamed up with several partners on a national campaign—60 in 60—to increase the number of people who go fishing in our country. How can you get involved?

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Prop 65 in an important issue for the sportfishing industry

Prop 65 – What You Need to Know

Compliance with California’s Proposition 65 is a longstanding issue for fishing tackle manufacturers, distributors and retailers. However, regulatory changes require further action by industry members. ASA is dedicated to keeping our members informed.

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