BBBKeepAmericaFishing Member Toolkit

BBBKeepAmericaFishing Member Toolkit

The KeepAmericaFishing® Member Toolkit

Help strengthen our industry by participating with KeepAmericaFishing®.

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With increasing regularity, misguided fisheries management practices lean toward excessive and unnecessary closures of access to our public resources.  Our industry faces continual policy challenges that affect fishing opportunity, on the national, state and local levels. But recreational anglers are conservation stewards, and our nation’s fisheries resources can be conserved while we, our friends and families continue to fish.

To combat these threats, the American Sportfishing Association launched an effort to unite the sportfishing industry and the nation’s 60 million anglers under one voice – KeepAmericaFishing.

As the voice of the American angler, KeepAmericaFishing works to keep our nation’s public resources – our oceans, lakes, rivers and streams – open, clean and abundant with fish. We need all anglers to get involved to make sure our collective interests are represented when key decisions are made that affect anglers’ ability to enjoy our natural resources.

How can you – as an ASA member – help? Put these tools into action today!

  • Stay informed! Visit to sign up for alerts on current restrictions and actions taken by KeepAmericaFishing to protect anglers’ ability to sustainably fish.
  • Spread the word! Be a voice in your community and tell everyone about KeepAmericaFishing. Use our suggested copy and other downloadable marketing materials.
  • Make a donation! Contributions enable KeepAmericaFishing to advocate for anglers’ rights and the industry with federal and state policymakers. Make a cash donation, work with us on a cause marketing campaign, or start a fundraiser with your customers to benefit the program.

Access to the KeepAmericaFishing Member Toolkit is restricted to current members who are in good standing with ASA and their designated representatives.

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Access to the KeepAmericaFishing Toolkit is restricted to current members who are in good standing with ASA and their designated representatives.


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