Maximize RBFF Initiatives to Boost Your Business

Recreational Boating & Fishing FoundationWhen the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) attends boating and fishing industry events, its staff is often greeted with “Ah, Take Me Fishing… You get kids into fishing, right?”

While RBFF does have a youth initiative, they offer a boatload more to their fishing and boating industry stakeholders. As we head into the fishing and boating offseason with many planning for next year’s programs and campaigns, RBFF thought it was an appropriate time to provide its stakeholders with a comprehensive overview on all RBFF does to boost your business.

WHO IS RBFF? – Learn about RBFF’s history, mission and why they matter to each stakeholder group. See who’s on RBFF’s Board of Directors, review their vision, and strategic plan.

WHAT RBFF DOES – See how RBFF’s Consumer, State, and Industry objectives are helping increase participation in fishing and boating.

RBFF’S RESOURCE CENTER – Look at RBFF’s free resources available to stakeholders.

RBFF’S IMPACT – See how RBFF is making fishing and boating better for everyone.

We hope you’ll take the time to become familiar with RBFF, its campaigns and resources.

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Bass Pro Shops Continues Support of RBFF Education Fund

George H.W. Bush Vamos A PescarTM Education FunThe George H.W. Bush Vamos A PescarTM Education Fund just received another boost from Bass Pro Shops.

The Education Fund, whose mission is to provide educational fishing and boating opportunities to Hispanic communities and urban areas, was established in 2015 with a $125,000 donation from Bass Pro Shops Founder and CEO Johnny Morris.

Grants are provided to grassroots programs across the country to carry out the Education Fund’s mission. In 2017, a total of $70,000 of grant funds were provided to 12 organizations through six state agencies.