Policy Watch

This controversial exempted fishing permit to allow limited pelagic longlining in closed federal waters off Florida’s east coast for “scientific study” was invalidated last year after the sponsoring academic institution, NOVA Southeastern University, withdrew its support for the project. However, the primary researcher has submitted an identical application under his own newly-formed LLC corporation.

ASA and our partner organizations have led significant advocacy efforts and voiced our strong opposition to this permit that would reverse the significant conservation gains made for swordfish and other billfish in southeast Florida.

A decision by NOAA Fisheries on the permit is imminent. Please read an op-ed summarizing the issue by South Atlantic Fishery Management Council member, Chester Brewer, here, as well as a letter from ASA and others urging the Secretary of Commerce not to approve the EFP.

For more information, please contact Florida Fisheries Policy Director, Kellie Ralston.