2018 Sportfishing Summit

2018 Sportfishing Summit

The Sportfishing Summit – ASA's Premier Networking Event

Please mark your calendar now for the 2018 Sportfishing Summit being held Tuesday, October 9, through Friday, October 12, at the Wild Dunes/Isle of Palms, located just outside Charleston, S.C.

2018 Sportfishing Summit Registration and Housing Reservations

To register for the Summit, please download the registration form (writeable PDF )and return it to ASA Membership Director Kirk Ross via email at kross@asafishing.org.

Hotel reservations may be made by using the Online Booking Link or by calling 877-624-3654. Rooms are $174 plus taxes. Please identify yourself as being with the ASA 2018 Sportfishing Summit.

What to Expect at the Sportfishing Summit

General overview of the annual meeting:

2018 Sportfishing Summit Agenda

Current as of June 2018 – The agenda is subject to change

The 2018 Sportfishing Summit is being held October 9 – 12, at the Wild Dunes Resort on the Isle of Palms, located approximately a half hour from downtown Charleston, S.C.

The Sportfishing Summit gives our association’s leadership, committee members, association members and guests and partners the best opportunity for networking and strategic planning to support the long-term interest of the industry and the sport.

During our general sessions, we’re going to continue to explore innovative ideas to increase participation in our sport. This is in addition to our board of directors and committee meetings. As always, there will be ample time to network with industry colleagues to exchange ideas and information.

General Summit Schedule

Following on last year’s revised schedule, this year, the general sessions will be held in the morning with the committee meetings being held in the afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday, October 9

ASA’s board of directors meets from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. As the agenda develops, there will be other meetings before the board meeting.

From 5:00 – 6:00, we will host a “meet and greet” for our first-time attendees. We will also host our annual Party With a Purpose for all attendees and their spouses and guests where we will recognize our SportfishingPAC supporters.

Wednesday, October 10

On Wednesday, our members and guests meet for breakfast and then we move into our general sessions. There is also a welcome breakfast for spouses and guests as well as events for them.

We meet for lunch and then move onto our committee meetings.

Tentative committee meetings schedule –

Committees meeting on Wednesday afternoon are:

  • Government Affairs
  • Communications
  • Consumer Shows
  • Membership

The evening is capped off with our traditional Welcome Reception to which all Summit attendees, their spouses and guests are welcome to attend.

Thursday, October 11

On Thursday, we follow the same general schedule with breakfast followed by general sessions, lunch and then the afternoon committee meetings.

Committees meeting on Thursday afternoon are:

  • Government Affairs
  • Data & Statistics
  • Finance
  • Show
  • Advocacy/Keep America Fishing/Keep Florida Fishing

We will also host our annual awards dinner at the beautiful Citadel Beach House located on the Isle of Palms.

Friday, October 12 – On the last day of the Summit, the board of directors meets just before our General Membership meeting. At the meeting’s conclusion, the association’s members adjourn for another year.

The 2018 Sportfishing Summit Reception and Awards Dinner

The annual dinner will be held Thursday evening at the Citadel Beach House located on the Isle of Palms. The dinner is included in your registration. Cocktails begin at 6:00 p.m.

2018 Sportfishing Summit Keynote Speakers

We have two outstanding experts in their fields who will be speaking at this year’s Summit.

Wednesday, October 10
Marcus Sheridan – The Sales Lion

Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan – The Sales Lion

Marcus Sheridan is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker known for his unique ability to excite, engage and motivate audiences. In 2017 Forbes named Marcus one of the 20 “Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss.” He has been dubbed a “Web Marketing Guru” by the New York Times and has been featured in Inc., The Globe and Mail, Forbes and more.

As founder and president of The Sales Lion, which merged with IMPACT in 2018, Marcus has established one of the most successful digital sales and marketing agencies in the country. Within his speaking company, Marcus Sheridan International, Inc., he gives over 70 global keynotes annually where he inspires audiences in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership and communication.

It all started with his blog for River Pools and Spas in which he simply started answering all his customers questions. Today, River Pools and Spas website gets the most traffic of any pool company in the world. Digital expert, Jay Baer, former Summer and ICAST keynote speaker, uses Marcus and River Pools as a digital success story. Marcus is a frequent speaker for the National Marine Manufacturers Association and will be speaking at the next IBEX.

Thursday, October 11
Jonah Berger – Social Influence Expert

Jonah Berger

Jonah Berger – Social Influence Expert

Dr. Jonah Berger is a professor at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a world-renowned expert on decision-making, social influence, culture change, innovation, word of mouth and the science behind why certain products, ideas and behaviors become popular.

Consider these burning questions: What makes things popular? Why do people talk about certain products and ideas more than others? Why are some stories and behaviors more infectious? Jonah spent more than a decade answering these questions, explaining why certain products get more word of mouth than others and why certain companies have an easier time breeding an innovative culture, reputation and product line than others.

Jonah has spent more than 15 years studying judgment and decision-making and consulting for Fortune 500 companies. He looks at how organizations can sway behavior and describes how to prevent consumers from getting mired in “decision-making quicksand.”

He also shows leaders how to avoid the “curse of knowledge” and communicate change in ways that encourages buy-in. Jonah will share tools for shaping the choice context, being more persuasive, driving customer growth and being more influential.

Sponsorships and Partner Development

ASA continues to work to ensure that the Sportfishing Summit is a valuable experience for our members and guests.

Summit sponsors receive quality value for their sponsorship through signage, in our printed materials and onsite mentions for specific events.

Our top sponsors will be promoted during ALL events, from breakfast through dinner, to give more value and ensure that participants know who provided the extra support to make the 2018 Sportfishing Summit even more special.

Please contact Membership Director Kirk Ross for more information.

Click here to download the sponsorship brochure.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact ASA Communications Director Mary Jane Williamson, mjwilliamson@asafishing.org, or call 703-519-9691, x227. See you in October!