Policy Watch

NOAA Fisheries is considering new regulations that would allow for a 2018 limited season for red snapper in the South Atlantic. Called Amendment 43, it would allow recreational anglers to harvest one red snapper per person per day. Fishing would be allowed on weekends only and the season start and end dates would be announced if the amendment is approved.

The South Atlantic red snapper stock has increased in abundance over the last several years at an even faster rate than predicted. All signs point to a quickly rebuilding fishery. By allowing a limited season, the amendment will reduce the socio-economic hardships experienced by fishermen and fishing communities while continuing to rebuild the fishery. It would also provide much-needed harvest and discard data for stock assessments.

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council has already approved Amendment 43. ASA sent a letter on April 26, 2018, outlining our support of this Council decision and the positive impact it would have on the sportfishing industry.

Now you can take action and tell NOAA to adopt the Council’s recommendation to approve Amendment 43 by sending them a letter through Keep America Fishing’s website here.

For more information, please contact Conservation Director, Mike Leonard.