Policy Watch

SportfishingPAC payments can now be made online.

We recently sent a letter to the main contact for ASA at your company about SportfishingPAC. We included information on how to fill out your 2018 Prior Approval Form online. As well as a page answering questions such as “Why do I need to fill out a Prior Approval form before I can contribute?

Check out our newly updated FAQ page here. Have a question that isn’t on our FAQ page? Ask our Government Affairs staff here.

* After filling out and submitting your Prior Approval Form, you will be directed to a second page that will allow you to make a contribution to support SportfishingPAC.

ASA’s Government Affairs Team works hard to advance our industry’s interests on Capitol Hill and important policymakers are taking notice – the incredible growth of our PAC in just the last year is thanks to our members who understand just how quickly fishing access rights, bans on tackle, taxes, and other issues that would impact your bottom line can change. SportfishingPAC gives ASA’s policy team a leg up against the competition.

Don’t miss the boat…contribute today!

Secure Online Payment Option

Our secure payment system allows you to easily help grow our industry’s Political Action Committee. Just fill out the simple Prior Approval Form on the first page and you will be directed to a page that shows you the recognized Contribution Levels for SportfishingPAC and allows you to make your contribution; all within less than 3 minutes.

You’ll get a confirmation email shortly after you make your contribution with a Thank You from ASA’s new President, Glenn Hughes. You will also receive a following personal Thank You letter from one of our Government Affairs staff.

We send out an email before large events, like Sportfishing Summit and ICAST, to let you know what recognition you may receive for your active membership or what special events you may want to attend.

Consider contributing today and see what we can accomplish for our industry!

For more information, please contact Policy Fellow, Ashley Brinkman or Vice President of Government Affairs, Scott Gudes.