Sending emails to customers and stakeholders is something many of us do daily.

At times, getting those emails delivered can be a challenge. Anti-spam software, firewalls and security applications are constantly being upgraded to meet new threats and staying on top of those changes can be a real challenge.

Here are a few ways to make sure your emails reach the intended recipients without having to call your IT Department.

Avoid “spammy” words in your subject line

Almost everyone tries their best to do this but, as spammers shift their tactics, the words that can cause your email to be blocked change frequently.

Once you compose your email, be sure to check your subject line against one of the published lists of spam trigger words.

There are many such lists available but here is a good one.

Avoid URLs in your email copy

“Phishing” is like the old “bait and switch.”

An email shows a benign looking link but when it’s clicked, a user ends up somewhere they never intended to go. It has become so common that security software of all sorts screens for it. Some are so sensitive that a simple link may prevent your email from being delivered.

Here’s an example of a good link gone bad. If I put “Go to” in my email, that link may point to “” This simple difference could be read as a “spoofed” URL by security software designed to prevent phishing and stop your email from being delivered.

Instead of typing out the URL, a good practice is to use “click here” or some other text and then hyperlink that.

Check your undelivered emails

If you have the capability, checking the undeliverable addresses after an email is sent is a great idea.

Many email tools allow you to view the addresses that were flagged as undeliverable and see why they weren’t delivered. If you are seeing messages have been blocked from delivery because of spam, it might be a good exercise to review that email for spam words and spoofed links.

Of course, there are lots of ways to improve deliverability. These are just a few simple ones that non-technical resources can do to help make sure your message is reaching your customers.