Policy Watch

On May 2, 2018, the Department of the Interior issued a decision reinstating expired mineral leases to the mining company Twin Metals on the edge of the Boundary Waters in Minnesota; an iconic region for anglers and other outdoor recreators.

ASA’s partner on the ground in Minnesota, Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters, created a Q&A in response to the reinstatement announcement.

For many sportsmen who love to visit the region to fish its pristine waters, this announcement of the renewal of these leases is discouraging, as it contradicts previous Department of Interior decisions and an ongoing study conducted by the United States Forest Service.

The Boundary Waters is our nation’s most visited Wilderness Area with world-class fish and wildlife habitat and is an important part of Minnesota’s sporting heritage and outdoor recreation economy. Sulfide-ore copper mining has a proven track record of pollution in water-rich environments and could impair this important habitat near the Boundary Waters.

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