Overview of the Issue

South Atlantic red snapper have rebounded so much that scientists and fishermen both believe the stock is more abundant today than any living person has ever seen.

Despite this success, NOAA Fisheries has informed the South Atlantic Council that bottom fishing closures, in which fishing for 55 species of snapper and grouper would be prohibited, are necessary to reduce releases of red snapper.

Large area and/or seasonal closures to all bottom fishing would be devastating to the recreational fishing industry and offshore anglers from North Carolina to Florida.

Luckily, better information about the South Atlantic red snapper stock is being collected right now through an unprecedented scientific study known as the South Atlantic Great Red Snapper Count. The Council should pause consideration of bottom fishing closures until the results of the South Atlantic Great Red Snapper Count are incorporated into the next stock assessment and can be used to inform management moving forward.

What ASA is Doing

In addition to the hard work of the ASA Government Affairs team, ASA engaged KAF Supporters in FL, GA, NC and SC asking them to comment on this important issue. Over 800,000 emails were sent out on this important issue.

What You Can Do

Learn how you can get involved with the issues that affect our industry.

For more information, contact ASA Southeast Fisheries Policy Director Martha Guyas.

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