American Sportfishing Association
Political Action Committee

WHAT is the SportfishingPAC?

The SportfishingPAC is the sportfishing industry’s bipartisan PAC that supports candidates based on their record of support for the sportfishing industry, not their political affiliation.

By having a PAC, ASA can raise funds from ASA member company executives and professional personnel to support Congressional elections and re-election campaigns of Members of Congress who support the interest of the recreational fishing community.

WHY is the SportfishingPAC important?

A strong bipartisan PAC gives the ASA the ability to advance the industry’s interests on Capitol Hill through participation in key fundraisers for Members of Congress. By building critical relationships with more Senators and Representatives through campaign contributions, ASA can initiate and maintain influential supporters for recreational fishing and conservation issues.

WHAT is the SportfishingPAC’s goal?

The SportfishingPAC’s goal is to ensure the sportfishing industry has an influential voice and presence in America’s electoral and legislative processes that advances the interests of the sportfishing industry and the health and conservation of the fisheries resources on which it depends.

WHY do we need our member’s support?

The 118th Congress is addressing issues such as, industry regulations, fishing access, habitat restoration, resource management, sportsmen’s rights and other issues affecting our industry. It is more important than ever for the sportfishing industry to have a strong, unified voice in the halls of Congress.

For more information about SportfishingPAC, contact ASA Vice President Mike Leonard.