ASA’s Government Affairs:

The Voice of Influence

for sensible public policy that benefits the long-term interests of anglers.

Representing You

Advocating for clean water, abundant fisheries and access to both.

Get Involved

Now is the perfect opportunity to join us in growing the sport we all love.

Stay Informed

Help influence policy both in your home state and across the country.

Representing You on National Issues

Since 1933, we monitor proposed legislation and regulations to evaluate their impact on ASA members. We organize coalitions with other outdoor recreation groups to address issues of common interest that advance our public policy agenda.

Advocacy is a core function of ASA and is carried out by our government affairs team, dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of our industry and sportfishing itself.

Keeping You Informed

Our Sportfishing Advocate blog explains the often-complicated mechanisms behind legislative and regulatory policy decisions that affect sportfishing.

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ADVOCACY through

Your Voice. Amplified.

We all know it’s the voice of the people that will influence positive change. That’s where Keep America Fishing and our network of supporters comes into play.

ASA Member organizations and employees can directly communicate with policy-makers through the Keep America Fishing online portal. It’s simple and effective.

  • Farm Bill

    Agriculture has a major impact on fisheries policy and the conservation of species.

  • Gulf Menhaden

    Menhaden are a vital species in the marine food web and the health of their population is critical to maintaining healthy populations of many other fish species.