License Dashboard

The latest national and regional sportfishing participation statistics are at your fingertips.

The new license sales data dashboard, a project spearheaded by ASA, is an up-to-date look at fishing license sales. Produced every six months, license data dashboards provide timely and in-depth insights into license sales trends.

This interactive tool provides a snapshot of patterns and trends in license sales and more periodic updates to track long-term recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3) program effectiveness and license sales trends.

Explore the Dashboard

Click options below to identify trends in fishing license sales separately and to compare state, regional and national trends.

Please Note: this license dashboard only represents trends for states currently able to share license data. The national results within, presented as the United States area, only reflect these reporting states and not all 50 states collectively.

The process used to calculate license sales in this dashboard is fundamentally different than the process used to determine state certified license sales numbers. These results are intended to provide trend information, not specific counts of licenses in effect, and will vary from certified counts.

Supporting Documents

Methodology document explaining all definitions used, how data are processed and other details.

Some states encounter data or public participation issues that impact the trends reported by the dashboard. Click here  to see the anomalies that might impact how the results are interpreted.

For insights regarding how to operate the dashboard, a how-to document is available.