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Reports and Trends

Recreational fishing is big business. Regardless of what brings them to the water, our nation’s 49 million anglers are a formidable economic force in our nation’s economy.

Sportfishing in America
State and District Reports
American Attitudes
Special Report on Fishing
Sportfishing in America - 2018 edition

Sportfishing in America

$50 billion in retail sales. $125 billion economic impact. 800,000 jobs.

Sportfishing in America is your snapshot into the size and economic powerhouse that is recreational fishing. Use this report to understand our industry’s impact by region, the size of your current or potential new market and how much anglers spend by category.

Recreational Fishing’s Impact on Local Communities

Recreational fishing has a significant economic impact on communities throughout the U.S. But what does that really mean?

Discover the fishing industry’s economic footprint, jobs supported and angler contributions in your state. Search for specifics by all 435 Congressional districts and all 50 states.

4,143,121 anglers spent $4.2 billion while fishing in Florida
2019 Special Report on Fishing

2019 Special Report on Fishing

For the tenth year in a row, the Outdoor Foundation and Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation have teamed up to produce the Special Report on Fishing to provide a comprehensive look at overall trends in participation as well as detailed information on specific fishing categories.

American’s Attitudes Toward Hunting, Fishing, Sport Shooting and Trapping 2019

Nationally, 93% of Americans approve of legal recreational fishing. Get all the latest stats from this comprehensive report by NSSF.

NSSF Report, American Attitudes Toward Hunting, Fishing, Sport Shooting and Trapping 2019

Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account

Did you know that the outdoor recreation economy makes up 2.2 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product?

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